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Halloween is the greatest of all of the holidays. It transcends childhood and only gets better as time goes on or at least until you hit 30 (when you basically die inside).

As a kid, you get an insane amount of candy, which you of course consume as quickly as humanly possible. As an adult, it is an excuse to get shitfaced and for girls to dress a slutty as possible. Did I mention I love Halloween? 

Here is an ode to Halloween Hotties… broken down by theme.

Slutty Zombies

If you were to look through my DVD collection, you would see an unhealthy proportion of Zombie movies – and we aren’t just talking the bare essentials (Night of the Living Dead/Shaun of the Dead) but the bottom of the barrel variety (Flight of the Living Dead/Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave). Here is a few samplings of some slutty dead heads…

Dirty Pirate Hookers

Arrrgh… I really hate pirates. From International Talk Like A Pirate Day to Cutthroat Island – I have a deep an irrational hate on for Pirates. Therefore, due to this, you are getting a pic of a girl that looks like she has been on a pirate ship for far too long.

Ok… that was pretty mean… here is a pic for all you pirate-fetishists.

Nailable Nurses

At any give Halloween party, you are bound to run into about seven girls dressed up as Slutty Nurses. Not that this is a bad thing as Nurses have a a solid place in male fantasy – if only sexual tension relief was covered under my health plan – which makes the Nurse costume a classic.

The Fifth Element

The most underated costume… the Leeloo. 

God… I love Halloween.